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What are cryogenic roses?

Perhaps the most offered gift in the world, flowers have always fascinated people. Even though the true meaning of flowers varies from culture to culture, people give flowers all over the world.

We have all tried, at least once, to keep a flower over the years (maybe because it was a beautiful flower or perhaps because of the person you received it) either press it in a book or dry it nicely. But with the development of technology, people have come up with much better methods for preserving flowers. These are a few:

Special treatments for medicinal herbs - flowers can be preserved from 6 months to 3 years
Treatment of alcohol and glycerine solutions - the flowers in this treatment can take up to 2-3 years
Lyophilization or freeze-drying (inappropriately called cryogenisation) is the conservation process in which water is removed from the petal after it is frozen and placed under vacuum for 3 weeks. Petals are individually preserved, so roses are rebuilt manually after. Flowers will now perfectly retain their appearance and will have the texture of a freshly chosen rose and can last forever if you follow a few simple rules.

How to Take Care of the Rose of Story.

All roses are delivered in a glass dome that protects them from moisture and dust.

If temperature changes occur, condensation may occur inside the glass dome, which is why the glass dome is not sealed to the base. However, for greater safety during transport, the glass dome will be attached to the Sellotape base. This can be removed at any time after you have received the rose. If the glass dome needs to be wiped off, carefully remove it and simply wear glass cleaning spray.

Our cryogenic rose can last a lifetime if you follow some simple rules:

Do not expose them directly to sunlight
Do not wet
Please keep them in the 5-25C (41-77F)
Recommended humidity is 30% and 70%
Keep them away from dust
Do not touch them directly

If you follow these simple rules, your rose can then live happily afterwards.