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Decorative prin flori

Model: P5
Anthurium or Flamingo Bird is a plant native to South America, it is a very decorative plant, both in flowers and leaves,It grows and blooms faster, in brightly lit rooms, in our country being found as a houseplant.Exotic and compelling, with bold flowers and bright, dark green leaves, anthurium as ..
Phalaenopsis Orchid
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It is a flower appreciated for both the special appearance and the decorative role. To resist well and grow nicely in the interior, it's need the container in which the orchid is planted to allow to has a very good ventilation and a good drainage of water. For  this, you have to give up th..
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Pineapple in pots
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The pineapple plant or Ananas comosus is native to Brazil, known for its very tasty fruits.The potted variety is a small species, whose fruits have an exclusively ornamental role. Adult plants bloom at any time of the year.Pineapple care in pots.Water: in spring and summer water the plant regularly ..
Pink turmeric a pot
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Model: CRG
Turmeric is an exotic plant native to Indochina.It belongs to the ginger family, which is immediately visible from its rhizomes - they are the same as the ginger rhizomes. In addition, they have many similar properties. Due to its beautiful habit, it is also considered an ornamental plant.Two specie..
Trandafiri la ghiveci
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Beyond the significance of the rose, it must be carefully cared for to obtain the most beautiful flowers. It is important to choose a pot that is at least 50 cm deep and as wide. The pot will be slightly raised above the plate to prevent any water accumulations from coming into contact with the rose..
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