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Anthurium in pots

Anthurium in pots
Anthurium in pots
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Anthurium or Flamingo Bird is a plant native to South America, it is a very decorative plant, both in flowers and leaves,

It grows and blooms faster, in brightly lit rooms, in our country being found as a houseplant.
Exotic and compelling, with bold flowers and bright, dark green leaves, anthurium as well as the hospitality it represents, are resilient and irresistibly beautiful.

The leaves are dark green and have the shape of a heart or spear.

The flowers are small, densely grouped on a fleshy axis called spadix. The spadix is ​​covered by a colorful bract called the spatula, which is the decorative part of the plant.

The Anthurium plant can bloom all year round if it has the necessary conditions.
The light. Anthurium has high demands on light, prefers bright places, but not direct exposure to sunlight.

It also supports a smaller amount of light, but it will bloom less and the growths will be reduced.

The optimum temperature in summer is between 25-28 ° C, and in winter it is important that the temperature does not fall below 15 ° C. Anthurium needs a high atmospheric humidity.

Substrate. It must have a good drainage capacity and a slightly acidic pH, a suitable variant being the mixture of forest soil and peat.

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To extend the life of the flowers, we recommend:

DO NOT expose the flowers to the sun and keep them out of the current;
Cut obliquely from the stem of flowers about 2 cm;
Place the flowers in the vase with cold water as soon as you receive them;
Change the water from the vase to a maximum of 3 days;
Remove the leaves from the water;
Expose the flowers in the coolest area of the house....