The Focșani online florist offers you the most beautiful Focșani cryogenic roses.

Cryogenic roses are dried by freezing, ie they are subjected to a process of removing water from the petals, after which they freeze and place under vacuum for 3 weeks. Because the petals are preserved one by one, the roses will be rebuilt manually after this process. The appearance of the petals will be perfectly preserved, and the rose will have the texture of a freshly picked one.

Although the roses treated in this way have a lifespan of up to 25 years, we tell you that they can be kept forever if a series of simple rules are followed and they are properly cared for. Roses are delivered under a glass dome, which protects them from moisture and prevents dust deposition. They are not exposed to direct sunlight, do not get wet, do not touch, are kept at a temperature between 5 - 25˚C and a recommended humidity of 30% and 70%.

With an order of Focșani Roses you will choose to make the most beautiful gift that can last a lifetime, thus giving the most beautiful memory.

Focșani Florist invites you to choose the cryogenic rose you dreamed of and offers you several variants of colors and sizes. We invite you to give any rose that has conquered you and we tell you a little more about their significance depending on the colors, so that you can choose more easily. Thus:

- The red rose means: love, the fire of passion, beauty or courage;

- The purple rose means: love at first sight, adoration, elegance;

- The blue rose means: mystery or wisdom;

- The white rose means: loyalty, purity or sincerity;

- The pink rose means: admiration, happiness, grace or delicacy;

- The orange rose means: attraction, passion, fascination;

- The yellow rose means: friendship, harmony, joy or optimism;

Along with these meanings transmitted by word of mouth, we have also prepared gold roses that match a jewel, or the multicolored ones that manage to transmit several feelings together.

With a cryogenic rose you will conquer instantly. You will always reach the sensitive point of any lady or young lady, whether you want to congratulate, thank or mark the most important moments in your life and yours. A cryogenic rose is and will always be a happy choice, because it is not a flower that enjoys limited, but one that enjoys unlimited, for a lifetime.