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Bonsai, the indoor plant that brings calm, peace!

If he is properly cared for, he will stay with us throughout his life. It is said that the bonsai will create a special connection with the owner of the house, a real human-nature connection. Man will become calmer, more self-controlled, precisely because of the attachment and care that the little plant takes. This will not upset him but, on the contrary, he will grow beautifully under the delicate touch.

Bonsai fills the house with positive energy, bringing in earth and wood, two of the essential elements of feng shui. This is why it is recommended for those who live in the agglomeration of cities, far from nature and its benefits. By purchasing a bonsai you will have a miniature tree that you have to take care of and that will get rid of such negative feelings as loneliness or alienation.
Bonsai love natural light, so it is recommended to position near the windows so as not to be deprived of the sun's rays. Fulfilling this first condition, the user will keep the bonsai beautiful and healthy for a long time. In summer you can move the bonsai outside if you have a terrace, but it is important to avoid direct sunlight heating it throughout the day.
Proper watering is also a very important step. If we wet it too much or, on the contrary, we forget to do it again, the bonsai dries and may perish. They need moisture both in the soil where they keep their roots and on the leaves. Thus the plant will be clean of dust and will shine with health.

The best known part of bonsai care is the pruning of the branches. This is the stage in which it is given the desired shape. Pruning helps the branches and stem of the bonsai to thicken. Pruning stimulates the growth of small branches and their budding. For beginners there are some simple rules to help them not to cut the wrong branches. They will prune the branches that intersect with each other or with the trunk. Also, straight branches coming out of the canopy or branches growing towards the ground will be removed. The right cutting period differs from one species of bonsai to another.

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To extend the life of the flowers, we recommend:

DO NOT expose the flowers to the sun and keep them out of the current;
Cut obliquely from the stem of flowers about 2 cm;
Place the flowers in the vase with cold water as soon as you receive them;
Change the water from the vase to a maximum of 3 days;
Remove the leaves from the water;
Expose the flowers in the coolest area of the house....