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About Focșani Flower

We know that where the words seem to not reach us, or do not help us express ourselves, we support our flowers. They always "speak" our feelings, and, like diamonds, they give light and shine where they arrive. They are the ones that accompany us in all special moments: marriage, birthdays, breaks ...

Each of us looks with excitement at the first snowdrops and ears and gets the smell of freesias and hyacinths just after the snow melts, but so difficult is the separation from the beautiful and "fuzzy" chrysanthemums, which sometimes resist the cold until late in November.

Flowers with their scents, shapes, colors and whims are part of our existence and soul, they express passion, respect, regret, happiness or friendship. takes over the online order from all over the world by delivering at home at the date and time set by the customer. For each order, floral arrangements are made with a unique and personalized design for each individual customer.

All accessories can be purchased from the product page.

Payment is made by card, bank transfer or by Western Union or moneygram payment transfer.

Online payments are 3D Secure.

The images presented in the online store are for presentation.

Their realization is made according to the imagination of the floral artist or the floral season.