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FlorariaFocsani.ro offers the possibility for the Romanian diaspora to order flowers and gifts to loved ones in Romania

Terms of delivery

For February 14 we receive orders up to 16 o'clock, within the available stock limit.

For March 8th, we guarantee the delivery of incoming orders until March 7, 20am.

On the 24th and 31st of December, we receive orders only until 14 o'clock and deliver the orders previously launched.

On December 25 and 26, there are no deliveries, just picking orders with delivery on other days.

On Jan. 1 and 2, we only ship orders for flowers in stock, so please check availability by phone.

Because the number of orders for March 8 is very high, we will try to respect these delivery intervals. We can not accept further changes.

The commands launched after this moment will be delivered to the extent that we allow time and stock of flowers, so please check by mail or phone availability.

Where flowers are delivered

Orders for which payment has been confirmed until 16 o'clock will be delivered free of charge on the same day in the city of Focsani until 18 o'clock.

In cases where you want delivery between 18-22, an extra charge of 30 lei / order is charged.

In order to ensure the freshness and appearance of the flowers, delivery to Focsani is done in its own way.

Delivery of flower bouquets through the FlorariaFocsani.ro online florist is done in Focsani and Vrancea in 2-4 hours and FlorariaFocsani city network in 24 hours during the week, Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00. Depending on the time of the order and the destination address, the flower bouquet or the gift will be between 2 and 4 hours.

For deliveries with delivery times 09-11 the day after the order is placed, the payment confirmation must be received at 16:00, the current day at the latest.

For deliveries outside the standard delivery range, please contact us before placing the order to confirm availability.

Delivery rates through the floraria online FlorariaFocsani.ro

For the neighboring areas (Vrancea), the tariff is according to the options in the "delivery method" section, found in the order form.

How to deliver flowers if you do not find the recipient?

All orders will be confirmed by the recipient before delivery. For today's orders, confirmation of payment must be sent by mail until 16.00.

If the delivery interval is not specified and the recipient can not be contacted by phone, the customer will be contacted to specify whether the delivery is postponed or canceled.

If the recipient is not found at the specified address, within the specified time range, the customer or recipient will be contacted to specify another address or other time interval (within the same day). If no other address or time zone can be specified, the order is automatically canceled without the possibility of a refund.

How long do you deliver the flowers?

Delivery is made within 2-4 hours of order confirmation. The delivery can be made on the same day that the order was made, if the payment is confirmed until 16:00. If for any reason that does not belong to FlorariaFocsani.ro florist online, the order can not be delivered, it remains processed and available on delivery until the end of the day.

We can not guarantee specific delivery times, but we will endeavor to fit within the indicated times when it is possible.

If during this time the delivery could not be made (for reasons strictly related to the recipient's availability), the order is canceled automatically, without the possibility of returning the payment.

Top Reviews:

Cristina Toma: It saves you when you can not be present at the most important moments of your dear ones :) Fast and qualitative. I recommend.

Nicole Bobocea: Very satisfied with the services, I answer promptly and professionally! Beautiful and elegant arrangements! I welcome everyone!

Raluca Paunescu-Curcan: They are very promising and professional! I kindly recommend!

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