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Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid
Phalaenopsis Orchid
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It is a flower appreciated for both the special appearance and the decorative role.

To resist well and grow nicely in the interior, it's need the container in which the orchid is planted to allow to has a very good ventilation and a good drainage of water. For  this, you have to give up the classical pots of pottery and its you opt for an aluminum can, like those used in canned. 

Available in different colors. Color may vary depending on stock availability.

After you buy or get the blossoming orchid, do not change the pot. If you do not like the plastic bowl in which the flower is planted, you can buy a colorful mask for pots,transparent plastic under which you will have to put it saucer. Make sure that the pot or mask of the pot is drill to facilitate water drainage in the saucer.

2. Take care at wet! The Phalaenopsis orchid is only wet once week. Pour water directly on the ground. Not more than half a glass of water at a watering. In the summer, when it's very hot, wet the orchid twice a week.

3. Use fertilizer. In supermarkets find bottles of fertilizer for orchids. Combine 5 milliliters of fertilizer with two liters of water. Autumn and winter fertilizer is used once atthree to four weeks, and spring and summer every week.              

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To extend the life of the flowers, we recommend:

DO NOT expose the flowers to the sun and keep them out of the current;
Cut obliquely from the stem of flowers about 2 cm;
Place the flowers in the vase with cold water as soon as you receive them;
Change the water from the vase to a maximum of 3 days;
Remove the leaves from the water;
Expose the flowers in the coolest area of the house....